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You and your friends traditionally throw a party once a month. You have a turntable and serve these parties as a DJ. Play your collection and create an atmosphere.

Your friends always look at your equipment, dig your collection, publish stories on Instagram. They say that they want to buy a turntable too. Even start Google things. But when they see how long it takes for you to set up, they immediately reject this idea. In their opinion, the whole thing takes too much time to understand and too hard to figure out. 

But turntables are easier than it seems

People want to listen to music on vinyl. The proof is the growing vinyl records sales. At the same time, people don't want to learn something about turntables. They just want to put vinyl records on and enjoy their favorite music. Brands of turntables get it perfectly, so they produce a lot of models for these demands.

Why do you need a turntable?

Ask yourself a question - what do you need from your record player? Should it be an element of decor and just play music? Or do you want to hear and identify every single detail: how does the guitarist scratch his cheek at the end of the track, for example? If you have a clear answer, you will choose a turntable easily.

What types of turntables exist?

Belt drive or direct drive? Plastic, metal or in a wooden frame? With pitch-control or without it? Straight tonearm or S-shaped? With built-in phono preamp or without? Automatic play or mechanic? Too many questions. But Vinyla has answers!

Vinyla has a lot of turntables. And we’ll help you find yours

If you want to buy a record player, but you have doubts - come over and we'll consult you. If you’ve already prepared a cozy place for a turntable at home and even bought a few vinyl records (or even if not) - we have a lot of turntable brands:

We've been cooperating with brands since 2013. We have nothing but only official equipment. No gray market or used items. You can be sure – your future turntable will bring you joy for a long time if you choose our store.

It's so easy to listen to music with Vinyla

Our team can help you find your perfect record player. We will show you how to set it up and which buttons to push. You’ll just have to come home, plug in your player and keep in mind the moment and the sound when the needle touches a vinyl record for the very first time.

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