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Built-in phono preamp:

Picture this. You've been listening to the music on vinyl for a few years in a row. You have the starter pack set-up. An average basic turntable, some basic active speakers. But you think about an upgrade from time to time. And one day you decide to buy more ‘upper level’ equipment. A turntable for pro, a phono stage, an acoustic system. Another important thing from your list is an amplifier because without an amplifier you won't be able to hear the whole story.

What is an amplifier and why should I buy it

Long story short. Amplifier is a device that makes the sound of your music much louder. If we talk in professional terms, the amplifier brings more power to a weak signal from the sound's source. In our case, it's a signal transferring from the turntable through a phono stage.

What can an amplifier do?

Amplifier is not just about volume. An amplifier can make many things. For example, this device can clean sound or give away sound to other devices. These abilities of an amplifier depend on its "filling".

What types of amplifiers exist?

If we want to categorize amplifiers, we'll get three categories in the end.

  • Integrated Amplifier . The main goals of this type are making a signal stronger and making a sound louder. Integrated amplifier is the best choice when you build a classic audio system without any additional devices. 
  • Stereo receiver . It is one of the types of integrated amplifiers. But it has its own benefits. You can listen not only to music on vinyl, but via streaming services using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi too. Vinyl is nice, but sometimes this pleasure has unreasonable prices. We all know this feeling: a desire to listen to the brand new album of your favorite band in a high sound quality right on the release day. And you can do it with a stereo receiver! Also you can plug in all of your devices. Even your PlayStation! This is a great choice, if you look for something universal.
  • AV receiver . This is an older brother of stereo receiver. The main difference is an  opportunity to build very serious audio systems like 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1. You can plug in all of your speakers' stuff at home - front stereo pair, central channel, rear or ceiling speakers and subwoofer - using one device! It will be a solid acoustic system that gives you the maximum of pure sound.
What should I choose? Vinyla will help you with that.

Our team helps choose and buy amplifiers for newbies. We will be pleased to do it for audiophiles too. Just give us some clues: name your favorite music styles, how big your room is, a list of devices that you already have - and we'll give you the best options for your new set-up.

Remember: you should choose an amplifier by your sound needs, not just by price or look. But of course you can consider all the options. 

In our stock we have:

  • reasonable priced devices from Denon
  • premium variants from Rotel
Buying an amplifier at Vinyla will be your best decision

How many watts should my future amplifier have? What type of mix should I choose - integrated amplifier  or stereo receiver? How much space does it take in my room? We know all the answers, so don't be shy and come over to our corner at Skovorody ave 5A to talk about it. If you already know exactly what you need - make an order on our website to receive it right at your doors. All you need is to wait a bit for a delivery, plug your amplifier in and enjoy your favorite music.

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