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Vinyl is a true sound! This mantra lives on for decades and remains relevant among devoted audiophiles.
For all music lovers the quality of sound has always been essential. True aesthetes know that music would never have the same richness and detail in digital format compared to analog technology.

A vinyl record is the best alternative to live sound, and that's what our team stands for. There's something special about music you hear on vinyl. It has distinct physical quality and exceptional realism. And there's more. From turntable design to sacred rituals of wiping a record and replacing a needle – every feature enhances listening experience and becomes a part of the vinyl cult. As you know, any cult should have its temple. And Vinyla Corner is just the right place for everyone who appreciates pure and high-quality sound. Vinyla brings back a value of music that can't be "digitalized".

So, why should you buy vinyl here? Well, it's not just a store. We've been putting our souls, hearts and huge effort into it for more than 9 years. We never stop looking for new releases, we seek out most special and limited editions and we'd even write to your favorite artist demanding to release their new album right for your birthday and, of course, on vinyl. Our whole team works hard to ensure that every record comes to you in an original beautiful package. We are ready to fight desperately with courier and post services just so that they deliver your records on time.
Every day our managers cry because they don't want to part with any album. But your wish is our command, and we are ready to take orders and look for the best music for you, with passion and commitment.
So come on and check what's "In stock"! Impress us with your excellent music taste by making the coolest order.

Vinyl records and musical equipment store

We love music, we love what we do, we love vinyl records

Vinyl is not only about sound. Visual and tactile aspects matter too. There’s an exceptional pleasure just in casually browsing physical records, gazing at album artwork, putting a needle on your vinyl and getting that retro vibe, even when playing a modern single.

Thats why we've decided to go offline and open our first Vinyla corner, a unique space in historical part of Kyiv, created for music enthusiasts. Top records and custom turntables in tastefully designed rooms with a team of like-minded folks – it’s all about the Vinyla Corner.

Along with the flagship store we keep developing a network of our corners at other partner venues in the city. Today Vinyla corners bring together people that share our philosophy and value everything true and original.

Our partner Сorners

Vinyla Corner

str. Grigory Skovoroda, 5А. Kyiv

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