Do you remember amusement parks from your childhood? A lot of carousels and a sweet candy floss? Or your first toy store and its infinite shelves? Do you remember this feeling like you discovered a new world and time freezes? Sure you do.

Probably, you have more adult hobbies now, but your childhood excitement is still the same. Just imagine: you walk into a vinyl record store and become a kid again. The interior looks amazing, there are colorful posters on the walls, boxes are full of new vinyl records. Your eyes run up. You don't know where to start.

Shopping at a vinyl record store is like a game. You dig a lot of stuff, look at artworks and tracklists. You can feel what type of a gatefold is under package, gloss or matte. This moment when you can judge any album by the cover and no one says to you that it's wrong. And when you are really interested in content – we can help you.

Vinyla Corner

Only professionals and real vinyl lovers work for Vinyla. If you come to Vinyla for the first time, be sure – you are going to find everything that you need. Because our team knows every single detail about vinyl records. You're our friend. You can share your music taste with us and ask a million questions about vinyl records because we are ready to give a million answers for you.

We have more than 3500 records in stock. It means that if you want to buy a vinyl record - you'll definitely have it at the end of the day! All our items are divided by genres for convenience. You can start from the category that you like from the first sight.

  1. Rock
  2. Popular
  3. Jazz
  4. Indie
  5. Rap & Hip-Hop
  6. Electronic
  7. Original Soundtracks
  8. Releases 2022
  9. Ukrainian releases

Listen to a vinyl record right here, right now

Vinyla Corner isn’t just a fancy vinyl record store. It is a space for people who love music, aesthetics and quality. We even built a studio, where you can listen to your new vinyl, evaluate the sound or test your equipment.

You can order everything you want

Our catalog has a lot of various positions. We don't know what "obstacle" means, so we can get you everything you want on vinyl. If you didn't find a record in Vinyla website - fill the form and we'll do our best to find and ship it to you. All you need is to come to our vinyl record store(Skovorody str. 5A) and grab your treasure.

Our main priority is your positive emotions. You shouldn't worry about сhoice or quality if you come to us. You can find a lot of useful and important audiophile stuff at Vinyla corner:

We expand our franchise step by step. So you can find our stuff in many interesting locations around Kyiv. Come to the main vinyl record store, our mini-corners in Kyiv or to our website. You can be sure - with Vinyla your choice always will be right.

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