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People now want to touch music again. Maybe, even more than ever. They want not only to listen to it, but also to hold it, see it, read it. Vinyl has become not just a source of high quality sound, but a source of esthetic joy too. And an object of obsessive collecting as well.

Vinyl records look like a piece of art

It starts with a package. You tear up the packing tape carefully. You find an opaque gatefold underneath. A beautiful clear vinyl with white, red and yellow splatter on the left side. A booklet with lyrics, a large poster or a photobook on the right side. Music hasn't even started, but the magic is already there.

Vinyl is always fashionable

Their aesthetics become more deep and diverse every year. Every detail - from the tracklist to the gatefold design - creates the right mood and atmosphere. We live in the digital age, but listening to physical media on turntables is a unique ritual, which doesn't have any analogs. And people do their best to make this experience as special as possible.

Cult of vinyl

According to Nielsen SoundScan, LP’s sales grow every year. In 2021, stores all over the world sold more than 40 millions from different artists.

Musicians of all genres release their albums and singles on wax. Selling physical records became one of the main sources of profit for most musicians. That's why you can find many versions of the same album in different stores: black, red, rainbow marbled etc.

Build your collection with Vinyla

The abundance of various album releases on vinyl motivates listeners and fans to expand their collections. Artists’ labels order editions with enthusiasm. Factories happily press them. All you need is to find your vinyl dealer that can deliver all new releases to you. And if you’ve chosen Vinyla it means that you found your ideal dealer. We can help you make the right choice.

  • You definitely remember your favorite musicians from your childhood. You will be surprised to hear how their music sounds on turntable. Choose albums that you carry in your heart for years. Save important songs not only in your playlist, but in a physical form too. Maybe, you can even get a signed vinyl!
  • Buy new releases that you’ve fallen in love with after listening to them only a few times. This is the music that will bring you many good memories and fuzzy feelings.
  • You should visit our corner. We are going to hear out your wishes. We are going to help you find something that will make you feel goosebumps on your skin.
Add vinyl records to the basket. And to your heart too

You can find everything you need at our place: from jazz to metal, from black to multi-colour, from Harry Potter soundtrack to Dakhabrakha albums. Just click on our website menu and keep moving:

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