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Built-in phono preamp:

If you ask audiophiles, what is the most important part of a turntable, they'll ask you in return, what kind of setup you are talking about - what kind of an amplifier or a phono stage. These are the right questions. It’s because audio equipment always matters, not only vinyl pressing quality. If you’re reading this text, you're probably looking for the best audio devices for your turntable .

Why does sound equipment matter?

In everyday life we usually listen to music wearing standard headphones or through Bluetooth speakers at a friend's party. But you can't rate a piece of music and all the work put in it in these cases, since you won't hear a lot of details or instruments having loud voices and laughter in the background.

Correctly selected sound equipment helps to look at any record from a new perspective. Hear something that you have never heard before. Evaluate the original idea to the fullest and find the main point and all the details of it.

"Sound equipment" sounds cool, not scary

For once in our lives all of us had a chat with an audiophile. We wanted to know everything about the legendary "warm vinyl sound". But you probably got just difficult, technical explanations about techniques in return. And it may have pushed you away from buying sound equipment, hasn’t it? Don't worry: these audio things are in fact not like a cryptex from Da Vinci Code. You don't need to solve it carefully.

What kind of sound equipment do you need?

First of all, your room doesn’t have to be packed with wires and metal boxes on every shelf. Amplifier, phono stage and acoustic system: this is all that you need for high quality sound. Phono stage helps you translate a record into your acoustic system correctly. Amplifier helps to release maximum potential from your acoustic system.

You can buy all of them at Vinyla

We offer not only records and record players, but sound equipment too. If you are a newbie and are ready to buy your first setup, you can find all you need in Vinyla. We have:

We can help you find positions that will be perfect for beginning. If you've been in the game for long, we сan offer some interesting things you can upgrade your system with. You can buy it online via our website. But if you want to plunge into this topic and learn everything about your future audio equipment - come over to our corner, Skovorody ave. 5A

High quality sound is easy with Vinyla

Our team tells everything about the latest updates and new in, advise you and answer all your questions. We can help you to hear every single detail that you haven’t heard on your favorite albums. All you need is to plug you new stuff in and discover your idols once again.

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