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Someone may say that an acoustic speakers is more important than a turntable. It's a controversial take and we can talk about it for hours. But what Vinyla knows for sure is that all parts of a listening process do matter. Turntable, speakers, place, time and people around are all important.

Why does acoustic system matter?

Quite often people don't give a damn about the quality of sound. They choose speakers by the following criteria: they should be simple to use and play music. That's all. But a lot of things in the vinyl magic world depend on sound. Like level of volume, detalisation, bass and sound spreading across the room where vinyl records play. You can plug a default speaker in and hear nothing unique. But you also can buy the right acoustic system and have goosebumps from the first seconds.

Acoustic system will definitely open new edges of your favorite music

You plug new speakers in. Put a record on a deck. It starts to spin and you suddenly freeze. You hear the same music, but in a different way. It sounds surprisingly clear, intense, deep. It sounds like three bands play one song at the same time. This makes a good acoustic speakers beautiful. It shows hidden nuances that make you think: "Wow, here it is. I've never heard that before". Balance of all components, high quality details and more tremendously affect your user experience.

I want to buy an acoustic system. But which one should I choose?

It's a difficult question, but here's the answer. Do you want a good volume and strong bass line? Or do you need detailisation on a low level of sound with a balance between frequencies? Or maybe you dream of distributing the sound evenly all over your apartment? Get an answer for yourself and save it to choose your future setup.

You can buy acoustic systems at Vinyla

We specialize not only at records or turntables. We know a lot about acoustic systems too. We've been talking to newbies and audiophiles for almost 10 years and still. These talks helped us to understand what people want to see in our store. At Vinyla you can find nothing but wide selection of systems for every taste and budget:

We have options for every scenario. Popular speakers by Marshall, JBL, Klipsch, Yamaha, Monitor Audio. Shelf speakers by Dali, Wharfedale, Tannoy. Floor spealers by KEF, Focal and Sonus Faber. Or maybe you'd prefer wireless speakers by Technics, Triangle and Bowers & Wilkins?

You can trust Vinyla's choice

You can buy speakers online on our website. Choose the design, compare characteristics and receive your order at your door. If you want to know the pros and cons of your future system and test it - you can do it at our corner, Skovorody 5A.

Our team can tell you everything about acoustic systems. We'll certainly help you find your perfect setup. Just give us a few clues: your budget, demands and music preferences. You can forget about manuals with us. We'll show you how to plug and how to use. You can be sure: equipment from Vinyla will serve you for the longest time.

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