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50 American Patriotic Military Songs

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Altissimo Records

A1. The Star Spangled Banner
A2. The Invincible Eagle
A3. God Bless America
A4. You're a Grand Old Flag
A5. National Emblem
A6. I Am the American Sailor
A7. American Celebration Overture

B1. Chester
B2. The Thunderer
B3. American Salute (Arr. P. Lang)
B4. Chimes of Liberty
B5. Patriot's Song Medley (Arr. D. Wyrtzen)

C1. Garry Owen
C2. The Gallant Seventh (Arr. F. Fennell)
C3. Hail to the Spirit of Liberty
C4. American Fanfare
C5. The Last Full Measure of Devotion (Arr. I. Frazier and M. Davis)
C6. The Flag Still Flies High

D1. They Died for You, They Died for Me
D2. American Pageant
D3. Independentia March
D4. The Liberty Bell
D5. Hands Across the Sea

E1. Honor with Dignity
E2. Esprit de Corps
E3. On Dress Parade
E4. This Land Is Your Land
E5. God Bless the USA
E6. God of Our Fathers

F1. Lord, Guard and Guide
F2. Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Tune: Melita)
F3. Shenandoah
F4. America, My Country Tis of Thee (Arr. R. Edgerton)
F5. America the Beautiful
F6. Battle Hymn of the Republic
F7. This Is My Country

G1. Tribute
G2. The Corps
G3. Army Strong
G4. National Spirit March (Arr. H. Harris)
G5. The Army Goes Rolling Along
G6. Anchors Aweigh (Arr. W.J. Dunn)

H1. Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder
H2. The Marines' Hymn
H3. March of the Women Marines
H4. Sound Off
H5. The Washington Post March
H6. The Pledge of Allegiance


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