Studio Albums 93 - 16 (Box Set)

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10 (LP)
Дата релиза:

A1. So Young
A2. Animal Nitrate
A3. She’s Not Dead
A4. Moving
A5. Pantomime Horse

B1. The Drowners
B2. Sleeping Pills
B3. Breakdown
B4. Metal Mickey
B5. Animal Lover
B6. The Next Life

Dog Man Star
A1. Introducing The Band
A2. We Are The Pigs
A3. Heroine
A4. The Wild Ones

B1. Daddy’s Speeding
B2. The Power
B3. New Generation

C1. This Hollywood Life
C2. The 2 Of Us
C3. Black Or Blue

D1. The Asphalt World
D2. Still Life

Coming Up
A1. Trash
A2. Filmstar
A3. Lazy
A4. By The Sea
A5. She

B1. Beautiful Ones
B2. Star Crazy
B3. Picnic By The Motorway
B4. The Chemistry Between Us
B5. Saturday Night

Head Music
A1. Electricity
A2. Savoir Faire
A3. Can’t Get Enough

B1. Everything Will Flow
B2. Down
B3. She’s In Fashion

C1. Asbestos
C2. Head Music
C3. Elephant Man

D1. Hi-Fi
D2. Indian Strings
D3. He’s Gone
D4. Crack In The Union Jack

A New Morning
A1. Positivity
A2. Obsessions
A3. Lonely Girls
A4. Lost In TV
A5. Beautiful Loser
A6. Streetlife

B1. Astrogirl
B2. Untitled
B3. …Morning
B4. One Hit To The Body
B5. When The Rain Falls
B6. Oceans

A1. Barriers
A2. Snowblind
A3. It Starts And Ends With You
A4. Sabotage
A5. For The Strangers

B1. Hit Me
B2. Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away
B3. What Are You Not Telling Me?
B4. Always
B5. Faultlines

Night Thoughts
A1. When You Are Young
A2. Outsiders
A3. No Tomorrow

B1. Pale Snow
B2. I Don’t Know How To Reach You
B3. What I’m Trying To Tell You

C1. Tight Rope
C2. Learning To Be
C3. Like Kids

D1. I Can’t Give Her What She Wants
D2. When You Were Young
D3. The Fur And The Feathers